Pictures of You (Inkjet Printed Rendition) 

8 x 10 inch Artist Book. Hand-bound and sewn. 18 pages with 14 select images that document different stages of the fading photographs of me and my mother together. Contains an original tipped in disappearing print. 

Edition of 52 with 2 Artist Proofs

$30.00 each plus shipping. 

Pictures of You (Original Print Rendition) 

Clamshell box containing every known photograph that depicts me with my mother. If more images are ever found, they will be added to each book (Sent my mail)

5 x 6 x 2 inch Artist Book. Contains 37 Disappearing Photographs. Hnad-made Clamshell, Inkjet Text on Book cloth

Edition of 15 with 2 Artist Proofs

$350 each plus shipping. Price to increase after first three editions are sold (2 copies left at this price)

Artist Statement



I once wrote in an artist book I made of disappearing photographs, “All of these memories must leave me.” By manipulating the image-making process of particular photographs from my archive, I was able to override their function as archival objects. I used this method because I wanted to address both our personal and historical relationship with photographs.



Photographs change as we do.

My process was an attempt to erase photographs that I found disruptive, both visually and internally, due to sensitive memories. These images related to moments of loss, nostalgia, fondness, love. This research coincides with my interest in photographs’ movement forward and backward along photographic history. I am fascinated by how the meaning of a photograph can change over time while often remaining stable, as an object.



Pictures of you.

With the loss of my mother in 2013, my relationship with photography changed forever. I located every photograph that contains both of us, and turned them into disappearing photographs. I was no longer interested in attempting to make memories fade, but I wanted to see if I could actually retain them. I wanted to know if the fading image could help me hold onto memories that are still very dear to me.



Coming up roses.

This project exists in two artist books. The first version, made in an edition of 15, is a clamshell box with physical, disappearing prints. Each contains every photograph that depicts me with my mother. If more images are ever found, they will be added to each book. The second version, made in an edition of 52, is a printed rendition of the project with 14 of my favorite images from the series. The last page contains a tipped in print for your fading enjoyment. I hope that this project can exist in loving memory of missed loved ones.